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Love Alchemy

Revealing the Real You, Love is the Answer, Simple is the Way…

I passionately invite you to experience a Love Alchemy session with me and gift yourself a transformational opportunity that will guide you further into love and consciousness by Revealing The Real You


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Love Alchemy is a transformative, energetic experience that is an intuitively guided, multi-modality expression of divine healing.

Everything is Energy

When you drop your energy state, you believe your circumstances equal your reality.

Love Alchemy causes a LOVEvolution within you, changes your energy state, gets your energetic pieces back to you that have splintered off of you throughout your lifetime due to either recognized or unrecognized trauma, and teaches you how to relate to the field of energy within your unique energetic signature.

This is an exquisite experience and transformative tool that you will know for the rest of your life and it will help you shift your energy state in a powerful way, immediately!

Love Alchemy

Love Alchemy is a rare and unique fusion of 3 different forms of Reiki Mastery (Usui, Angelic & Holy Fire), in collaboration with a Higher Organizing Wisdom and the Light Of Truth, to reveal the limiting wounds and patterns that cause you suffering so they may be fully accepted, loved, honored and liberated on the spot to launch you into a new found sense of Powerful YOU.


Access Extraordinary!

Karin has the ability to hold a sacred, clear, joyful and nurturing container for profound healing and transformation to take place within each session she conducts.  

She works with love, grace and integrity, and during our session, I felt seen and heard as she embraced all parts of my spirit, soul, mind and physical body, weaving them together with exquisite intuition, care and pure acceptance. 

She invites everyone she works with to completely step into their divine power as she holds the space for them to claim their lives back and feel fully connected once again. 

She is an extraordinary, intuitive and empowering healer that I will continue to work with. Thank you, Karin!


With Love, Anita Moorjani



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