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"Karin has the ability to hold a sacred, clear, joyful and nurturing container for profound healing and transformation to take place within each session she conducts.  

She works with love, grace and integrity, and during our session, I felt seen and heard as she embraced all parts of my spirit, soul, mind and physical body, weaving them together with exquisite intuition, care and pure acceptance. 

She invites everyone she works with to completely step into their divine power as she holds the space for them to claim their lives back and feel fully connected once again. 

She is an extraordinary, intuitive and empowering healer that I will continue to work with. Thank you, Karin!"


With Love,
Anita Moorjani



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Karin is a phenomenally gifted healer, outstanding person and expansive soul. I have reached out to Karin over the years while dealing with painful physical ailments and serious emotional distress. Each and every time, Karin's treatments have been tremendously healing in a way that is almost hard to believe. The tenderness, attention and care Karin provides during her sessions is matchless. She patiently takes as much time as is needed for a session;your well being and upliftment of mind, body and spirit is her only focus and her presence alone is truly cathartic. Her approach is deeply intuitive and she knows precisely where and how to flow her extraordinarily powerful reiki energy. Karin relays inspiring messages from your spirit guides to you during session, which is truly amazing. She also incorporates soothing essential oils to strengthen your healing outcomes. I cannot recommend Karin enough for anyone seeking to experience the incredible benefits of reiki and Love Alchemy from a true master. 

Jeremy Stillman 
Hypnotherapist & Life Coach


As a Mom and woman I found myself at a point in my life where things just seemed to stop flowing. My relationship was in shambles and mainly my connection to myself and my voice seemed to be lost. I had felt hopeless, which for an overachiever is not normal.I had gone to readers and some reiki healers and none compared to the shift I felt after seeing Karin for my initial session. After she laid her hands above me I felt incredible love and layers of yuck just peeling away.The turning point for me was when after a session Karin wasn't satisfied, although I felt great, she insisted more clearing needed to happen. She brought in sacred sound bowls and energetically brought me to a place where I physically and verbally released some toxic beliefs. I walked out of there feeling free and my anxiety was gone for the first time in weeks. I look forward to more fine-tuning sessions as I prepare to write my second book.

Jonisha Rios 


My sessions with Karin have been truly life-changing! In a very short time, she was able to help me connect physically and emotionally with spiritual concepts I've been trying to embody for a long time.


She helped me to find a powerful sense of safety and peace within myself that I continue to revisit any time I'm feeling anxious. After my very first session, I felt absolutely radiant—full of light, energy and joy!


I highly recommend Karin Rose and Love Alchemy to anyone in need of a boost!

Andrea Perdue 
Translator & Musician


When I first met Karin, I first felt such powerful energy. When she told me she was a Reiki master, I understood where this was coming from. I was going through a difficult situation and very challenging life events. She told me she felt I needed to have my energy rebalanced and that I should come see her which I did. This experience has been so powerful, relaxing and healing that I have done many more sessions. I felt so energized, rebalanced and with better goals and clarity afterwards.


I highly recommend everybody try Karin's Love Alchemy sessions, it is really worth it and a great investment for your self. She is such a loving person and the sweetest you will ever know.

Loic Rocca 
VP of Sales


It's funny how the universe places the right people in your life at the perfect time. This is how I met Karin. We were stranded in LA in January due to a record snow storm in New York. While eating breakfast at the hotel, we shared a communal table with Karin and her friend. She was so friendly and bubbly, we became fast friends!

Karin is simply amazing! Her gifts bring peace, joy and grounding to my life. I've had both in person and remote sessions with her, and they are both beyond anything I have ever experienced. I highly recommend her services! Her insight is with accuracy and her energy is remarkable! Often, I wished I could spend more time with her!

Aimee Ng 
Film Producer


So here I was about 3 years ago; broken, headaches, heartache, anxiety attacks and trying to make a decision of "divorce or no divorce ". A friend of mine suggested reiki, and recommended Karin and Love Alchemy. At that time I had nothing to lose and made an an appointment . Since I had never experienced reiki before, the first session seemed a bit odd and out of my comfort zone. However,Karin's gentle yet powerful techniques along with the whole experience, from the ambiance, intuitively chosen music, soothing voice and loving Divine messages, it all made me feel safe, loved and cared for. One thing for sure is that I left with a much lighter feeling than I walked in with. That was the beginning of a wonderful transformation that changed my life and Karin, thank you so much for making a believer out of me, I love you and am your loyal client!

Natalie King 
Financial Planner

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