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Transforming Your Heart Space

Have you ever felt disconnected?

Do you ever walk around in life feeling alone or forgotten?

Maybe even abandoned?

Wondering if love even exists for you at all?

I know I have.


I have created a powerful guided visualization for you to begin to transform your heart space.

I invite you to watch my video below and fill out the form to receive this gift.

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"Karin has the ability to hold a sacred, clear, joyful and nurturing container for profound healing and transformation to take place within each session she conducts.  

She works with love, grace and integrity, and during our session, I felt seen and heard as she embraced all parts of my spirit, soul, mind and physical body, weaving them together with exquisite intuition, care and pure acceptance. 

She invites everyone she works with to completely step into their divine power as she holds the space for them to claim their lives back and feel fully connected once again. 

She is an extraordinary, intuitive and empowering healer that I will continue to work with. Thank you, Karin!"

Anita Moorjani


About Karin Rose


Born as an empath and spiritual intuitive; my path has been an empowering journey that has fueled my sacred mission to create more love, joy, kindness and celebration in the world.

​At 18 years old, I became ill with an auto-immune disease and doctors said I was slowly dying. After 12 years of struggling through each day; I was introduced to energy transformation, Reiki and holistic healing, which cured my serious ailments in 6 life-changing months.

​While I have experienced psychic gifts since childhood; energy healing opened up a portal and high vibration connection that took me to a powerful dimension and it changed me forever.

Since then, I have mastered 3 different forms of transformational Reiki energy healing; Usui, Angelic, & Holy Fire. And as the years have evolved and unfolded, so has what was once a sacred art of Reiki Mastery, into what is now a life-shifting, Love Alchemy. 

I have also been a Registered Nurse since 1991, Reiki Master certified through the International Center for Reiki Training since 2005, and an Infinite Possibilities trainer certified through Mike Dooley, renowned author, international speaker, and teacher in the movie, The Secret since 2015.

It is my role and purpose in this lifetime to lead with love, tenderness and truth and I invite you to experience the power and beauty of a Love Alchemy session. Gift yourself a transformational opportunity to reveal the highest version of You as I guide you further into the magic and celebration of living a life of greater ease and joy.

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My sessions with Karin have been truly life-changing! In a very short time, she was able to help me connect physically and emotionally with spiritual concepts I've been trying to embody for a long time.


She helped me to find a powerful sense of safety and peace within myself that I continue to revisit any time I'm feeling anxious. After my very first session, I felt absolutely radiant—full of light, energy and joy!


I highly recommend Karin Rose and Love Alchemy to anyone in need of a boost!

Andrea Perdue 
Translator & Musician

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